Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coco tai pla. Jitlada, 5233 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Jitlada. A variation on Kaeng tai pla.  Not to everybody's taste, but certainly to mine.  Fermented fish entrails, plus a gadzillion South Asian vegetables, inc. Thai pumpkin, bamboo shoots, sataw beans & crunchy wild eggplants. A funky sweat-inducing mess served with rice & complimentary buttery omelet (foreground).  Part of a 300+ item "specialty menu."  Original Matt Groening drawings everywhere -- Homer with flames bursting out of his mouth, crying, "Khua kling beef!" -- strings of Christmas lights still up, one table of extreme food bros inspecting the special-special hardcore Food Network TV-host subsection of the menu (Sample: sauteed bull penis w/ dry curry), date night in the corner still stuck on the westernized Thai menu slapped up like a beard on the inexplicably weirder & more delicious stuff behind it.  Midway through my curry & Singha a warm sensation, not so different from a massage, spread out along my shoulders. The extreme bro food is more expensive and probably not as good.       
Resuming one of my many other lives this morning for ten days in the sunshine.

Surprised & pleased to find, in early middle age, something I'm good at, something that provides that flow state that evolutionary psychologists talk about, something that bridges & connects all those difficult parts of my personality.

& finally getting to see that Pasadena hedge, for the first time.

"Don't get arrested!" sez L.

Back soon.  New laptop for picture-processing, so, weather & time permitting, updates from the road.
Monday, February 17, 2014

Folks we have had a flight control problem up front here we're workin it uh that's Los Angeles off to the right there that's where we're intending to go. We're pretty busy up here workin this situation I don't anticipate any big problems once we get a couple of sub systems on the line. But we will be going into LAX and I'd anticipate us parking there in about twenty to thirty minutes.
Sunday, February 16, 2014
"A remix may also refer to a nonlinear reinterpretation of a given work or media other than audio, or a hybridizing process combining fragments of various works. The process of combining and recontextualizing will often produce unique results independent of the intentions and vision of the original designer/artist."
Why does reading a book, which doesn’t award points to me for reading it, suddenly seem so unappealing?

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