Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Waste My Time, Please

PHONE:  Ring!

CJB:  Good afternoon, Pulpfiction.

GIGGLING 14-YEAR-OLD BOY:  Do you have any books on...Adolf Hilter?  Sorry.  Hitler.

CJB [intuiting foolishness]:  Probably not.  Here's never been that big around here.

G14YOB:  Yeah, because, y'see, I have do a school project on him.

CJB:  I'd say the public library is a friend in your time of need.  Give 'em a call.

G14YOB:  Do you know why I have to do a project on him....?

CJB:  No...?

G14YOB:  BECAUSE HE FUCKED MY DAD IN THE ASS!  [Dissolves into hysterical laughter]

PHONE:  [Dial tone]

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