Sunday, February 09, 2014

Technically copyright-infringing "research," courtesy a custom-built image scraping tool written in Python.  All those computer-science books in the side office turn out to have their uses! Depicted: one small piece of #1, Hockney's full size study for the final work.  I wanted to examine all of #2 before heading out on location again, but neither work is currently on display at the Getty & sneaky technological solutionism seems more in keeping with the spirit of this increasingly quixhotic project.

It's becoming clearer to me that the end result of all of this is probably going to be three composite photographs made in the Antelope Valley:

1.  Joshua, a small cut-and-pasted study of a Joshua tree (seen at right in #1, above) made to familiarize myself with the process of hand-assembling a photocollage;

2.  Pearblossom, a digitally assembled composite photograph of the new highway sign dead center in the field of view of Hockney's #2, and;

3.  Antelope Valley, a large collage of cut-and-pasted machine-printed photographs on paper honeycomb panel, which replicates the general appearance of #2, but uses diverse locations drawn from the vicinity of Hockney's own work (Lancaster / Palmdale / Lake Los Angeles).

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