Saturday, February 01, 2014
We Think There is a Book Here For You!

Walking to work through grey dawn, snow-sky, pink light leaking in at the horizon.

A construction worker heads on-shift, tool belt shifting and jangling as he walks, half a block ahead of me.  He's snacking from a little paper sack of whole-shell peanuts.  Every crow in the neighborhood drifts along with him in a noisy black flapping cloud.  Now and again he tosses a handful of nuts out in a wide arc and the crow army diverts from him to fall, squabbling, into the road to dispute the spoils.  Some crows get nuts. Most don't.

Crow #1 (no nut) rushes Crow #2 (nut) in full threat display: shoulders up, head forward, beak wide open, feathers ruffling, vocalizing like crazy.

Crow #2 shows no outward sign of alarm, but shifts its tasty booty around to anchor it more deeply in its beak.

More wild vocalizing.

Crow #2 maintains 100% zen.

Crow #1 abruptly shuts up, drops head, tucks feathers in.  Hops dejectedly away.

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