Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coco tai pla. Jitlada, 5233 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Jitlada. A variation on Kaeng tai pla.  Not to everybody's taste, but certainly to mine.  Fermented fish entrails, plus a gadzillion South Asian vegetables, inc. Thai pumpkin, bamboo shoots, sataw beans & crunchy wild eggplants. A funky sweat-inducing mess served with rice & complimentary buttery omelet (foreground).  Part of a 300+ item "specialty menu."  Original Matt Groening drawings everywhere -- Homer with flames bursting out of his mouth, crying, "Khua kling beef!" -- strings of Christmas lights still up, one table of extreme food bros inspecting the special-special hardcore Food Network TV-host subsection of the menu (Sample: sauteed bull penis w/ dry curry), date night in the corner still stuck on the westernized Thai menu slapped up like a beard on the inexplicably weirder & more delicious stuff behind it.  Midway through my curry & Singha a warm sensation, not so different from a massage, spread out along my shoulders. The extreme bro food is more expensive and probably not as good.       

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