Friday, September 10, 2010
Waste My Time, Please

SKETCHY THIEF: Hey there! I'm just gonna leave my bag here while I browse, OK?

CJB: You've got to be fucking kidding me.

ST: Hey man, no need for language!

CJB: Dude, my girlfriend caught you stealing books last night. She threw you out, right in front of me. Why are you back here?

ST: She, uh, she did?

CJB: Right before nine. True crime. Two paperbacks.

ST: I didn't steal them!

CJB: The books were down your fucking pants.

ST: But what I'm saying, guy, is that I didn't steal them. [PAUSE] She made me put them back!

(ST then proposed to pay $5 for the not-quite stolen books -- our price: approx $14.95 -- and was promptly ejected)
Thursday, September 09, 2010
Today's soundtrack: Lee Fields and The Expressions, These Moments
Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Last night's dinner: organic chicken with thyme and smoked paprika, fresh corn pudding. My riff on a recipe from Christina's Cookbook (Christina Orchid, Sasquatch, 2004), which I found remaindered down the road at Book Warehouse for $7.99. This little book is a revelation, full of high-flavor recipes made from only five or six ingredients, plus Orchid's idiosynctatic authorial voice, which keeps digressing from the recipes to childhood visits to her grandparents' Eastern Washington ranch; to explosives; to Russian thugs hunting wild sturgeon in Californian drainage ditches; to her eighty-year-old mother the botanist; to Douglas fir gelato; and, finally, to the mechanics of operating a small, French-influenced regional restaurant out of an old second floor apartment above a gas station on a tiny San Juan island. One of the very best cookbooks I have ever read.
Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Sookie Sookie (instrumental by backup band; Don Covay, 1965)/ Heighty Hi (all three Dukes sing; Lee Michaels, 1969)/ Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing (McDonald & Russell sing; Fontella Bass & Bobby McGuire, 1965)/ Shakedown Street (Fagen sings; Grateful Dead, 1978)/ You Never Can Tell (Boz sings; Chuck Berry, 1964)/ I Got News for You (McDonald sings; Ray Charles, 1961)/ Green Flower Street (Fagen, 1982)/ Miss Sun (Scaggs, 1981)/ I Keep Forgettin’ (McDonald, Doobie Brothers, 1982)/ Rock Steady (Carolyn Leonhart sings, Aretha Franklin 1971)/ King Harvest (Fagen sings, The Band, 1969) Rag Mama Rag (Scaggs sings, The Band, 1969) The Shape I’m In (McDonald sings, The Band, 1970)/ Love TKO (Scaggs sings, Teddy Pendergrass, 1980)/ I Love the Life I Live (Russell sings, Muddy Waters, 1957) Cadillac Walk (Scaggs sings, Mink Deville, 1977)/ What a Fool Believes (McDonald, Doobie Brothers, 1978)/ I.G.Y. (Fagen, 1982)/ Lowdown (Scaggs, 1976)/ Takin' It to the Streets (McDonald and Russell, Doobie Brothers, 1976) ENCORE Reelin' in the Years (Fagen, Steely Dan, 1973)/ Them Changes (McDonald sings, Buddy Miles, 1970)

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