Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anyone in town this Thursday (September 21st) should drop into CSA Space for our fifth (!!!) anniversary show, a very tightly edited group of photographs by Mike Grill, organized by Steven Tong and I. Mike's pictures were also our first exhibition, way back in September 2005, a show originally planned for Steven and Sally Lee's old 69 Pender space, which was purchased, weeks before the show, by a certain condo flogger. Steve and Sally found themselves out on their ear. Steve and I felt bad for Mike, who had put considerable time and effort into printing pictures and building frames, and now had no exhibition. I relayed this tale of woe to Adam Harrison over mojitos. "You know there's a space above your bookstore for rent, right?" Several hours later we placed a drunken series of cellphone calls to Steven to inform him that he was now the co-director and co-curator of an as-yet unnamed independent art exhibition space. I think the results have been more than satisfactory for all concerned.

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