Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Last night's dinner: organic chicken with thyme and smoked paprika, fresh corn pudding. My riff on a recipe from Christina's Cookbook (Christina Orchid, Sasquatch, 2004), which I found remaindered down the road at Book Warehouse for $7.99. This little book is a revelation, full of high-flavor recipes made from only five or six ingredients, plus Orchid's idiosynctatic authorial voice, which keeps digressing from the recipes to childhood visits to her grandparents' Eastern Washington ranch; to explosives; to Russian thugs hunting wild sturgeon in Californian drainage ditches; to her eighty-year-old mother the botanist; to Douglas fir gelato; and, finally, to the mechanics of operating a small, French-influenced regional restaurant out of an old second floor apartment above a gas station on a tiny San Juan island. One of the very best cookbooks I have ever read.

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