Thursday, September 16, 2010
Waste My Time, Please

STAY-AT-HOME DAD WEARING SANDALS: I've got a hard one for you!

CJB: Yeeeeees?

SAHDWS: Oh, you won't have it!

CJB: Try me.

SAHDWS: John Masters.

CJB: It's true. Not if I'm doing my job properly.

SAHDWS: What about...Harry Crews.

CJB: Down the large format fiction aisle about three quarters of the way; it's alphabetical from the far end.

SAHDWS: No, I'm asking if you've ever heard of him. I don't want to buy any books!

CJB: Rosalind Krauss.


CJB: Ever heard of her?


CJB: M. John Harrison.

SAHDWS: What are you doing?

CJB: Making a point. Thanks for playing.

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