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"In 1902, the businessman John Durand purchased the site. From then to 1964, the property was home to the renowned Durand Mansion. The mansion was purchased and demolished by Caltrans in 1964. Caltrans used the lot to store heavy equipment during construction of the Long Beach Freeway (I-710) expansion. The three-acre lot remained vacant since 1967. In 2003, Caltrans leased the lot to the City of Pasadena for city purposes.

The garden is now maintained and supported by the nonprofit group Arlington Garden with help from local residents and volunteers, the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation, the Pasadena Public Works Department and Pasadena Water and Power."
"We are looking at what we see, which no description gave us, which never existed.  What we see is new and if we mean to see it we must look at it as something new.  What we see is not what is there, though surely something is there and we seem to see it."

(William Bronk)
I never done good things (I never done good things)
I never done bad things (I never done bad things)
I never did anything out of the blue

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Boiling Water at Hot Creek—The Dangerous and Dynamic Thermal Springs in California’s Long Valley Caldera

"By 1938 he had achieved his 'goal,' having dug through nearly 2,500 feet (760 m) of solid granite using only a pick, a shovel, and a four-pound hammer for the initial section, and carefully placed dynamite with notoriously short fuses for the majority portion. It was estimated that he had moved 5,800 tons (5,260 metric tonnes) of rock to complete his work.

Schmidt never used the tunnel to move his mine's ore. Instead, he sold the tunnel to another miner and moved away."
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"With his eyes still closed, he depressed a plunger, initiating the exposure, a minute and thirty seconds long.

A man in olive-green work pants and a matching shirt approached with a clipboard. 'Ranch security,' he said briskly. 'Sir, I need you to pack it up and leave immediately.'

'Could I have one minute?'

'No, you need to leave now.'

“I’m really sorry. You couldn’t give me a minute?”

'You’re not supposed to be here,' the guard said. 'It’s posted. You don’t even have permission to be on the property photographing.'

Cooper began to wheedle, stalling. 'I didn’t mean to bother anybody,' he said. 'Come look at what I’m looking at. Come look—look, look, look, look. Give me one minute. Have a look.'

The guard was steadfast, miffed. 'It doesn’t matter whether you’re photographing for the Blue Room or the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House,' he said. 'You need to respect private-property rights. There’s rules.' Cooper didn’t move. 'You know, I’m about to lose it, sir,' the guard said. 'I’m going to call the sheriffs and you’re going to get a twelve-hundred-dollar fine.'

Cooper waited a moment longer, as the exposure finished, and then said, 'Thank you very much! Would you like to look? It’s not much, but it might make you smile.' The guard remained unsmiling. 'I’m not trying to be silly,' Cooper said. 'We’re from Scotland.'

'You’re Scottish?' the guard said, almost under his breath. 'So am I.' Cooper apologized again; the guard apologized for doing his job. Then he asked about the camera. He, too, was an 'analog redneck,' he said. He offered to carry the camera back to the car."

Anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable

"'It’s so hard, isn’t it?' he said. 'I think there are many people who bring a whole lot of baggage from their past and a whole lot of anxiety about the future to the present moment. What’s so great is that people can be in relationship with each other for the now.'

'Yeah,' I said.

'If we can somehow rid ourselves of illusions,' he said. 'The illusion that we are greater or lesser than we are. The illusion that we’re going to save the world. There are a lot of illusions that people walk around with. I would love to be able to be present in every moment I have.'"


"I could have walked into some positions that were already set. I could have walked into an office that was already furnished for me. But I would much rather have done what I have done."


"[F]everishly creating bridges and bridges and bridges--"
Monday, November 18, 2019
"The plaintiff's stoicism (a factor that should not, generally speaking, penalize the plaintiff--)"

(Giang v. Clayton, [2005] B.C.J. No. 163 (QL), 2005 BCCA 54)
"I think there are many wrong things about looking at Job as a problem, even though that is the view of Job himself and of the four people who are talking with him."

(Northrop Frye)

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