Saturday, August 17, 2013
Umpqua Hot Springs

Way out in the back of beyond, or so I thought, when suddenly, around a bend: hippie buses, topless pregnant chick with a bone through her nose, yak-herder-hat guys strumming ukuleles, back-to-the-land family with berserk naked toddlers and leashed rotties, leathery WSB clone, Brother Bear, huge overflowing pile of empties crusted with candle wax & etc.  I'm fine with being naked with strangers in public, but, fuck this.  I spun gravel and reversed a ways down the road.  A short list, in no particular order, of non-healing-water-related reasons to visit a hot spring, available at the link, really captures the congealed-fat-of-the-60s vibe of this otherwise beautiful place, and I recommend it to you.
Andre at the coffee shop puts on "Rikki" in honor of my safe return. Coffee shop clears out in five minutes flat.

Meanwhile, in more pressing news, Kato Cat transforms a baby-blanket-to-be into abstract, "gestural" art.  Photo courtesy Kato's mom.
Q:  So, what did you see?

SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER ROSE T. CAT REPLIES:  A coyote.  And chukars.  Antelopes.  RATTLE SNAKE!  Marmots.  Red tailed hawks.  Bubo buboCalifornia condors. Peregrine falcons.  Wild rabbits.  Lizards. Pigs, cows (lots!), sheep, llamas, goats. Ground squirrels.  BIG BEARS.  And an Alley Gator.

CJB interprets:  The BIG BEARS were all those carved wooden statues that proliferate throughout the Pacific Northwest and the desert West, like the ones clustered in front of the Black Bear Diner in Madras, Oregon, or advertising the Brown Bear Carwash in Lake Forest Park, Washington.  The rattlesnake was asleep but very real, and we left it as we found it on its toasty rock in the sunshine, unmolested.  Antelope are hugely muscled animals.  Bubo bubo looks like my cat.  And Rose got the likely imaginary Alley Gator from her evil stepmother, who claimed to see lots while we were in Florida.

I Got The News.  Boise, 8/11/13. I'm standing about ten feet to the left of the bald guy in the blue shirt at the far left edge of the frame, four rows of happily bobbing people back from Walter Becker.  Thanks, general admission!  The closest I have ever gotten to my favorite band; kind of like seeing them perform at the Biltmore or the Commodore, and, conservative, "hit" oriented setlist notwithstanding, the very best performance of theirs I've seen.  Other folks, such as those in the foreground, seem much less excited to be there; it's like they're at the livestock show, or killing time in a ferry lineup.
Wood River (Oregon)

"The Wood River flows through Klamath County, Oregon with headwaters emanating from a large natural spring located in Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site. The aquifer that feeds the spring is believed to originate twenty miles (32 km) to the northwest in the east side drainage of Crater Lake National Park. The Wood River meanders through pine forest and agricultural land for 18 miles (29 km) before flowing into Agency Lake. The drainage around its headwaters is forest county dominated by ponderosa pine and lodgepole pine with some quaking aspen in meadow lands."

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