Monday, August 26, 2013
Q:  Seven new pictures? Really?

A:  Part of being a non- "art market" participant is the luxury of working slowly.  There are probably only fourteen or fifteen people in the world who want one of my photographs, and maybe fifty to a hundred people who want to look at them, so, either way, no rush.

Q:  But there's lots of new pictures on Anodyne.

A:  Anodyne's a bar that's not particularly hard to step over.  It's a scrapbook.  But the pictures' finished form is as physical objects of a certain size on a wall, framed and lit in a particular way.   This isn't the only way to make photographs, but it's one that works for me.

Sometimes pictures that look good as backlit digital files don't look good as prints, and vice versa.

For my solo show at CSA Space I printed and framed three more pictures than I exhibited, then destroyed them.  I liked them enough to print and frame and tentatively light them, but Steven Tong was shaking his head, and Steven is very seldom wrong.  So those pictures won't ever surface in a different context.  They don't exist any more.  I'm always, contrary to popular belief, trying to judge my output.  I think this is part of, maybe the most important part of, "being a photographer."  Look at Evans' ruthless editing of his own output.  Or Robert Frank's.  Or the way that Fagen and Becker edit the setlist ever night.  The better drives out the less good.

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