Monday, August 26, 2013
Alexander Oey, Jeff Wall, 1999

I saw a slightly different version of this documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1999.  Its impact was immediate and profound, esp. the sequence beginning at 18:06 ("Maybe here.  Maybe here. Maybe here. . .") which suggested a way of working that I had apparently been contemplating for some time.

I was very surprised to find the entire film online yesterday.  If anything, its relevance to me has only grown in the intervening decade-and-a-half.

At 7:05, in one of those weird coincidences that seem like deus ex machina in art but which, at least in my experience, crop up all the time in reality, the camera passes the site of one of my new "autonomous" photographs, just northeast of downtown LA.

(Film player takes a few seconds to load.  Documentary is in English, with Dutch subtitles)

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