Saturday, August 17, 2013
Q:  So, what did you see?

SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER ROSE T. CAT REPLIES:  A coyote.  And chukars.  Antelopes.  RATTLE SNAKE!  Marmots.  Red tailed hawks.  Bubo buboCalifornia condors. Peregrine falcons.  Wild rabbits.  Lizards. Pigs, cows (lots!), sheep, llamas, goats. Ground squirrels.  BIG BEARS.  And an Alley Gator.

CJB interprets:  The BIG BEARS were all those carved wooden statues that proliferate throughout the Pacific Northwest and the desert West, like the ones clustered in front of the Black Bear Diner in Madras, Oregon, or advertising the Brown Bear Carwash in Lake Forest Park, Washington.  The rattlesnake was asleep but very real, and we left it as we found it on its toasty rock in the sunshine, unmolested.  Antelope are hugely muscled animals.  Bubo bubo looks like my cat.  And Rose got the likely imaginary Alley Gator from her evil stepmother, who claimed to see lots while we were in Florida.

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