Thursday, July 02, 2009

Moon, 2009
Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of many great photographs punctuating Jeff Lee's excellent Travels With Little Debbie, an account of 88 days solo bike touring from Florida to the Great Lakes and on to Washington State.
Bright sunshine, shorts. Madlib's Sound Directions -- "the funky side of life!" -- on the stereo. Green leaves on the trees tossed in the breeze, by the backwash of a Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon backing in by the pool hall, just clipping an overhanging branch: creeeeeeeeeeeak. Startled crow in the tree hops yapping from branch to branch, feathers erect to emulate the look of a larger, more dangerous animal.

The usual parade of suspects. Kind customers, lost customers, L. with a delicious "halal Mexican" beef donair-thing full of salsa and vaguely cinnamonesque spices.

Woman on the phone who's mad because we don't have the Peter Mayle book she wants.

Woman at the desk who's mad because the Peter Mayle book we do have is too much money ($6.95).

Hyperventilating woman incredulous that the A.A. Milne hardcover she put on hold ($9.95) is used instead of new. "WHY? WHY IS THAT?"

Big stack of good recent fiction.

Three bad books. "I could just give these to you...or you could buy them if you like."

Oliver Nelson on the stereo.

Light shifting across the front room, leaf-shadow on the carpet.

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