Friday, June 12, 2009's "Breathless in Biloxi" contributes a truly awesome setlist via cellphone:

"tonight's show in biloxi via my nokia.

the biloxi pufurmants art and 4H arena is cool

OMG -soul ram!! sung by the gurrls - 1 hr ago.

some pigs and cattle wandering in the isle

WALTER sings wu (sneers "here's your WU, bitches!)- 55 min ago

police escort out a desperate and dark clown who tried to steal donalds fresca

SWEET. walter sings the ghost of hypnos past - 50 min ago

egttm - with flo and eddie - guest stars!!!

sbts - why did they never release it? 44 min ago

godwhacker into slang - FUKKING great! - 36 min ago

tom girls- 30 min ago

freeking fall of 92 d&w trade vocals - edgier 22 min ago

igy mash with kullee (out of the blue cool) -17 min ago


small generator powering a cd player - dolby's astronauts & heretics - sounds GOOD

full band no PA - shanghai confidential - WOW, -10 min ago

home at last - 5 min ago

fall of 92 - with walter blasting obama for his failure to live up to campaign promises - FANTASTIC

Power out for good - good night. pix later at"

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