Friday, June 12, 2009

Chilliwack's Marc LeClerc, a better climber at seventeen or eighteen than I ever was or will be, recently headed out on a little excursion.

"I set my alarm for 5:15 AM and slept a few hours, then I had some breakfast got dressed and woke up my Dad to give me a ride over to the base of the mountain. . . ."

(The large photos are worth the load wait, esp. #3, which gives me goosebumps. It's a big face.)

The Fierce Urgency of Now

My 39th birthday. Pulpfiction is 9 years old as of 11am. Who'd have ever thought?

What a year of pleasant surprises.

Friends have often asked me why
I'm sensitive about my height

I would look around and say

Hmm, I thought I was immune

All my life I have waited
to be given any word
It was screaming to be heard

Please remember:

The earth can be any shape you want it

Any shape at all

Dark and cold or bright and warm

Long or thin or small

But it's home and all I ever had

And maybe why for me the earth is flat's "Breathless in Biloxi" contributes a truly awesome setlist via cellphone:

"tonight's show in biloxi via my nokia.

the biloxi pufurmants art and 4H arena is cool

OMG -soul ram!! sung by the gurrls - 1 hr ago.

some pigs and cattle wandering in the isle

WALTER sings wu (sneers "here's your WU, bitches!)- 55 min ago

police escort out a desperate and dark clown who tried to steal donalds fresca

SWEET. walter sings the ghost of hypnos past - 50 min ago

egttm - with flo and eddie - guest stars!!!

sbts - why did they never release it? 44 min ago

godwhacker into slang - FUKKING great! - 36 min ago

tom girls- 30 min ago

freeking fall of 92 d&w trade vocals - edgier 22 min ago

igy mash with kullee (out of the blue cool) -17 min ago


small generator powering a cd player - dolby's astronauts & heretics - sounds GOOD

full band no PA - shanghai confidential - WOW, -10 min ago

home at last - 5 min ago

fall of 92 - with walter blasting obama for his failure to live up to campaign promises - FANTASTIC

Power out for good - good night. pix later at"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
One Reader Writes

"SteelyDanodyne is bursting at the seams lately with all things SD. Your hipster readership must be in the negative double digits at this point."

Maybe it's a sign of how far my life has recently fallen. Or maybe it's just that it's early June, heat, windy light, the works, and transcribing set lists, fantasy set lists, and longed-for Pacific Northwest dates beats describing, in intricate detail, how I lay in bed for 24 hours with a vicious summer flu, coughing up grey phlegm while Louis the one-eyed tabby restlessly trompled over my face and chest, inviting me to leap up and "play."

Also in the last week or two, while not relentlessly alienating strangers or going climbing -- more accurately "logging road walking" -- I read:

Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter
Janet Lowe, Damn Right! Behind the Scenes With Berkshire Billionaire Charlie Munger
Matthew B. Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work
Joseph O'Neill, Netherland
Nicholas Lemann, The Big Test (especially the half-dozen pages devoted to Mr. Munger)

The Crawford book is particularly good, especially -- viz. Mr. Munger and his heroes Mr. Franklin and Mr. Crusoe -- in its discussion of intellectual judgment vis-a-vis the philosophical ideal of self-reliance. I highly recommend it to anyone I'm in even semi-regular correspondence with.

One disadvantage of value investing: occasionally you are quietly buying something under the radar with your own money and then some upstart web publication comes along and broadcasts your good idea all over teh interwebs.
Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Did I post this before? Damned if I can recall. Guest Manson vocals from 4:49-on.
Can't wait 'til morning to find out if Dr. Wu (or Here at the Western World, or Your Gold Teeth, or Everything Must Go, & etc.) was played last night? Fear not: has your back.

(2009 tour starts tonight in in Durham, NC!)

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