Friday, May 08, 2009

"The Best Way to Achieve Felicity is to Aim Low"

Reasonably complete set of Wesco 2009 AGM notes, courtesy the Yahoo Berkshire message board. (Weirdly threaded, so you have to scroll through some off-topic commentary; look for "Pts 1-6"). Mr. Munger in customarily fine form.

In other news, I'm working on an "investment operation" of my own, probably the biggest of my life, which won't be disclosed here for a few months. Regular readers should be able to figure it out pretty quickly, and the rationale behind it, too. But it involves real -- as opposed to play -- money, and I won't discuss it here until it's complete.

"Canadian Monopoly." Circa 1975. Anyone got one lurking in the rec room or a dusty old box in the garage? If so, please get in touch. I want to relive my Yukon property-baron childhood.

The New Yorker's Malcolm Gladwell pauses over a psychological dynamic close to my heart:

"David, let’s not forget, was a shepherd. He came at Goliath with a slingshot and staff because those were the tools of his trade. He didn’t know that duels with Philistines were supposed to proceed formally, with the crossing of swords. 'When the lion or the bear would come and carry off a sheep from the herd, I would go out after him and strike him down and rescue it from his clutches,' David explained to Saul. He brought a shepherd’s rules to the battlefield. . . .Goliath does not simply dwarf David. He brings the full force of social convention against him; he has contempt for David."
Thursday, May 07, 2009

Farewell Robin Blaser:

" I don’t know anything about God but what the human record tells
me — in whatever languages I can muster — or by turning to
translators — or the centuries — of that blasphemy which defines god’s
nature by our own hatred and prayers for vengeance and
dominance —
that he (lower case and questionable pronoun) would destroy by a
hideous disease one lover of another or by war, a nation for what
uprightness and economic hide-and-seek — and he (lower case and
questionable pronoun) is on the side of the always-ignorance of
in which we trust — the polis is at the ‘bottom of the sea,’ as Hannah
Arendt noticed — and he (lower case and interrogated pronoun)
among the manipulated incompetences of public thought. . . ."

(Blaser's magnificent long poem Even on Sunday, which he read once, years ago, at a UBC conference that I'd snuck into just to hear him)
Monday, May 04, 2009

Throw Out Your Gold Teeth and See How They Roll

"Referring to it as 'Boffo Total Request Nights,' Becker says they might leave more 'discomfiting' songs like 'Through With Buzz' and 'Change of the Guard' off the ballot. 'Otherwise it might be a fuckin' free-for-all.'"

8 shows in NYC, 16 in Boston (???), 4 in Chicago, 4 in LA.

(Via copy of Rolling Stone in the Safeway check-out lineup)


My friend "K." has a vision:

"I was in a second hand store on West 4th the other day, there I beheld a laundry basket *full* of hard cover copies of The Da Vinci Code, and lo, it made me think of you."
Sunday, May 03, 2009

Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2009

Fox's Liz Claman has this year's best transcript of Saturday's annual Q&A with Warren and Charlie. Lots of food for thought. Probably the first and last time I'll ever link to a Fox News product. Annual press conference the following day here, courtesy CNBC.

"Q: Why do so many people come to the annual meeting?

BUFFETT: Because they have a lot of fun and they feel like they're part of the act. We treat them like partners and they feel like partners. 'It's a real company to them.' We're proud of the companies we've bought and the products they make and we want our partners to feel proud, too.

MUNGER: We're sufficiently peculiar so people don't have a lot of other options."

SUNLIGHT. I haz it.

(Courtesy L.)
March Like an Elegant Elephant Over Mount Everest

Uh, this just in:
20/20 seen plenty plenty
Your brain would burst with one thought from my memory
My style's your enemy
And I won't stop busting until I'm empty empty

(Much love for the quirky ColecoVision-meets-R2D2 beat)


Fleetwood Ghost, 2009

Overgrown backyard of a vacant single level suburban home. Sunset. We came to look at a magnolia in the front yard and went around back almost as an afterthought, where I spotted this fellow lurking unobtrusively by the fence. The light on his face and the foreground weeds are accurate enough, but the mist enveloping the grass at right and the weird blue light on the siding at upper right are digital artifacts, the Blackberry's mistranslation of space and light into something approximating Cezanne brushstrokes.

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