Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear UK-Based Academic Publisher:

Thanks for your query, which I've carefully reviewed. I do not see any mention of payment for the non-exclusive right to reprint my [15,000 word interview with Frank Miller, originally published in The Comics Journal] in the information you have enclosed. I will be pleased to grant you the right to reproduce the work, but not gratis.

I think a suitable fee for reprinting this text would be $278 USD, the retail price of one of your anthologies. I would like this money to be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a US based charity, by your organization, "on behalf of Frank Miller and Christopher Brayshaw."

I hope that you will find this solution agreeable; if so, please send me an amended release which I will be more than happy to promptly sign and return.

Very sincerely yours,


(Illustration courtesy Frank Miller)

UPDATE: UK-based Academic Publisher promptly agreed. Score one for common sense and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a cause that Frank Miller and I both support.

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