Thursday, May 07, 2009

Farewell Robin Blaser:

" I don’t know anything about God but what the human record tells
me — in whatever languages I can muster — or by turning to
translators — or the centuries — of that blasphemy which defines god’s
nature by our own hatred and prayers for vengeance and
dominance —
that he (lower case and questionable pronoun) would destroy by a
hideous disease one lover of another or by war, a nation for what
uprightness and economic hide-and-seek — and he (lower case and
questionable pronoun) is on the side of the always-ignorance of
in which we trust — the polis is at the ‘bottom of the sea,’ as Hannah
Arendt noticed — and he (lower case and interrogated pronoun)
among the manipulated incompetences of public thought. . . ."

(Blaser's magnificent long poem Even on Sunday, which he read once, years ago, at a UBC conference that I'd snuck into just to hear him)

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