Thursday, May 07, 2020
Catfished online, a woman sent 
$573 to a person believed to be
an assistant to actor Johnny Depp. 

The woman said she contacted 
Johnny Depp's official Instagram account
& messaged who she believed 
to be Depp & his assistant.

She said she fell in love with Depp, 
and sent explicit photos of herself. 

She provided personal information
& was sent a picture of a completed passport 
so that she could fly to France
to meet Depp face to face.

She said she was asked for money 
because Depp’s own funds were frozen 
& told the money would be used 
to send a private jet for her. 

A greater amount of money was requested, 
but she sent all she had available.

Officers advised the woman, 64, 
not to provide personal information 
or send money to anyone online 
she does not personally know.

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