Saturday, July 15, 2017
Obituary: William E. Fredeman

"If he was a hard taskmaster to others, he was even more so to himself. There were those who disliked what they took to be his arrogance, and feared the merciless criticism that he could bestow on work that fell below his own high standards. As a researcher, he was in the first class; no detail was too slight or remote to escape him (his eyes, enlarged behind the spectacles he always wore, were like a searchlight that penetrated the darkest and furthest corners of his work)."

I took Victorian Poetry, for purposes I now can't recall, at 8:30am M, W, F some time in the late 80s.  WEF was my grumpy and only grudgingly positive instructor, from whom I received an eventual A & an admonition not to drink coffee with sugar and cream in it.  "You don't want coffee boy, you want syrup."

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