Monday, May 01, 2017

"It's not a Fuck You to any person or band or style or sensibility, it's just another Fuck You in a long career of Fuck Yous

Fuck You, I'm going to be the only guy that learns to write songs like the Velvet Underground, and then forgets it to make more impressive sounds.

Fuck You, we don't need to tour.

Fuck You, we don't need a band.

Fuck You, the drummer doesn't need water.

Fuck You, I'm done with the 1980s.

Fuck You, I'll work in analog.

Fuck You, I'll record in an illegal apartment.

Fuck You, I'll spend the cash I made at the casino going out and playing with some Good-Time Kids during the summer. I'm not going to add Chicago or Hall and Oates to the bill in order to sell more tickets."

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