Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mr. Blue
Words & music by John Phillips

Meet Mr. Blue, elegant Jew, of New York City
Ex-real estate man, sits on the can, always looks pretty
And Miss Never-Say-Please, pink and white knees, his favorite kitty
Movie star queen, fell off the screen, oh, what a pity

Diamonds and things, shiners and dings, you powder-puff whore
And a backgammon king having a fling behind locked doors
It's just a sleepy-time binge, disposable syringe, there's never no more
With pin-ups and thugs, dealers and drugs, escaping the boys

Straighten your hair, powder your nose, little junkettes
Look down on the street, nobody knows about you yet
But you're pink as the rose pinned to your clothes, how I'd regret
Should your show come to a close as a vignette

Meet Mr. Blue

Shooting stars, they have fallen all around you
Where it is they all fall to, no one knows
Pretty soon I'm gonna shoot myself up with you
Just to find out where it is that you go.

[Mr. Blue obviously right at home with any of W & D's losers; Miss Never-Say-Please as Peg]

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