Monday, August 29, 2016
A Letter from East Vancouver to Hammertown re: The First Annual Peter Culley Memorial Walk

Dear Daphne,

FYI your information is correct: heading down to the Colliery is a TERRIBLE way to get to either Duke Point or the pub.  The Colliery Trail does not cross the river, as indicated on my map of lies, but simply dead-ends there.  We thrashed north along the west bank for 1.5 km, finding wasps and impenetrable bush thickets in the process, forded the river (warm, but waist-deep + slippery rocks + current), trespassed through several citizens' private lands, & stumbled out, wet dirty & exhausted, on the Cedar Road.  The Colliery Trail, in an epic fuck-you gesture, starts up again just behind the Wheatsheaf Pub, where our appearances attracted no notice whatsoever.

6.5 km or so from the pub to Duke Point.  Good: wild apples.  Not so good: steady rain most of the way.  Hobbled onto the 5:45 from Duke Point with 3 minutes to spare & then totally collapsed, Keith's feet worse than mine but mine still not great.  We think somewhere between 18 and 22 miles on the day, adding in all the up and down, one of the longer walks I've ever done in my life.  PC would be proud (or just shaking his head...)!

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