Monday, February 08, 2016

Jeffrey David Wall, Berlin Dada and the Notion of Context, 1970

Still recall using my so-called UBC Library Assistant I privileges to check this doorstop out of closed storage in the basement of the Woodward Biomedical Building, c. 1995.  Didn't follow much of it at the time, but have dutifully laser-printed this digital version off for a rematch, up next after Allan Bloom's Republic of Plato (Basic Books, 1968), which has been melting my head since Christmas.  Followed by: Stanley Rosen's exegesis of Plato, Auerbach's Mimesis, & Stella's Working Space. Back to California & Nevada in March, exhibition of new desert pictures in August.  Lots of fun at parties, old white guy reading list notwithstanding.

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