Thursday, March 05, 2015
I'm piss at you!

Epic troll of no-limit hold'em poker advice site, verbatim:

"Im play the top pairs wit top kicker like say you and i get the $hit beat out of me. I take my savings to casino after work and piss it all away on you advice. first i wait for almost 3 hours for pair better than 9s and during that time i lose over $30 in blinds plus the players trick me to bet this straddle BS but i don't play any hands so I throw away another $50 with this before i quit it. Now I'm down $80 and i decide to play Kc-Qc, like you say and son of betch with A-K rocks my world when K hits the boards. After that hand i have only $8 left. Now, I look down and get pocket rocket and snap shove all in. The entire table call me and crack my weapons of mass destruction. Player with 8-3 off beat me!!! I lose my stack like this 2 more times and then i'm out $600, plus $40 for table massage, another $30 for tips and $200 for hooker to make me feel better and all we do is talk, then i find out i have to pay for room, which is another $140 and they say no comps because you play poker so i no get to eat nothing!! I lose all this money and now i can't pay rent. Im piss at you! Why you give such bad advices?"
Wednesday, March 04, 2015

(esp. 1:44-on)

Bottle-dash stucco (aka "Sparkle stucco")

"The red colour is from the rocks packed in from Red Bluff just outside of Quesnel and carefully screened by hand. The green in the stucco is made of crushed ginger ale bottles and the amber is from smashed beer bottles. The white is marble brought in by train from Vancouver. . . ."
Monday, March 02, 2015

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