Monday, March 30, 2015

"With cinematographer Mike Gioulakis, Mitchell evokes the widescreen visual mood of John Carpenter’s Halloween, with its flat light and bland suburban houses lining wide streets (the movie is set in the suburbs of Detroit). And, crucially, he uses as inspiration Carpenter’s method of hiding his killer in the background, out of focus, or far to one side of his widescreen frames.

Another nod to Carpenter is the score, by Disasterpeace, which is partially very modern, loud, and dissonant, and partially reminiscent of Carpenter’s ‘70s music.

The followers in It Follows don’t run. They walk. As do all the best movie killers. One of the scariest scenes is at a lake where Jay and her friends have fled to. They sit on the sand or float in the water while, quite a ways in the distant, a lone figure marches steadily closer. In another scene, at a high school, the camera slowly spins around in a circle. Every time it passes a window, a follower draws closer and closer. Sometimes our heroes don’t even see the followers. But we do."

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