Thursday, March 05, 2015
I'm piss at you!

Epic troll of no-limit hold'em poker advice site, verbatim:

"Im play the top pairs wit top kicker like say you and i get the $hit beat out of me. I take my savings to casino after work and piss it all away on you advice. first i wait for almost 3 hours for pair better than 9s and during that time i lose over $30 in blinds plus the players trick me to bet this straddle BS but i don't play any hands so I throw away another $50 with this before i quit it. Now I'm down $80 and i decide to play Kc-Qc, like you say and son of betch with A-K rocks my world when K hits the boards. After that hand i have only $8 left. Now, I look down and get pocket rocket and snap shove all in. The entire table call me and crack my weapons of mass destruction. Player with 8-3 off beat me!!! I lose my stack like this 2 more times and then i'm out $600, plus $40 for table massage, another $30 for tips and $200 for hooker to make me feel better and all we do is talk, then i find out i have to pay for room, which is another $140 and they say no comps because you play poker so i no get to eat nothing!! I lose all this money and now i can't pay rent. Im piss at you! Why you give such bad advices?"

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