Thursday, January 29, 2015
A dream, but a nice one.  Via the Blue:

"J: OK boys, it's like this: From now on there will be no more stadium size venues or greatest hits nights.

W: Chicks?

J: Shut up. Yes, of course there'll be chicks. We're not inhuman. But the point is, you are a club band now. 300-800, max 1000 people. The shacks will be filled up with your most loyal fans in the US and Europe, and you will play a fair mix of everything you did at your own discretion. Like, one set of hits, deep cuts and rarities alike from the '70s, and then one set of '90s and 21st century stuff and solo material.

D: Clubs? Sounds like we're going to get pretty close to the warm, uncontrollable juggernautic mass out there, waiting to eat us alive?

J: Sure. It'll be a bit of exposure therapy for you. You'll learn to love it. Oh, and also you'll do quite a lot of pure 2vN and EMG album nights, ok? I guess that's good news, or what?

W: Donald just fainted, but as his attorney I will ask in my client's absence; cash?

J: Not more than will cover expenses and then some for the after party. But frankly, this isn't really an issue, is it? And should the arrangement actually lead to starvation after all, remember; nothing keeps one young and vital like a little struggling for one's life, does it! Did I say there will be occasional jam sessions after gigs? This band you have ... they ... you know ... they need to stretch out a little. You travel with some of the finest cats around. And many of your songs have a great groove and are undisputable jam candidates. Whaddaya say?

D:(back from la-la-land) But ...

J: No 'but.' I know you're afraid to sit eye to eye with an audience that are so into your work as they will be this time around, and then feel outplayed by your own hired musicians in a situation you can't control 100%. But relax, the hard core fans we're talking about values your style and touch more than anything, and they know that even if your band are able to make gold from a stone, much of the reason you guys sound so unique is your compositions. You start with pure gold, and THEN the magic comes in."
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
"One way to probabilistically select sales message receptions for purchase verification is to use a probabilistic payment method called expected value (EV) payment."

Relevant to my interests.  In particular:

"The only time an advertiser can pay a person a significant amount of money to visit a web site, view a commercial, or call is when the person is an imminent buyer of the advertiser's type of product or service. Only at this time is reaching the searcher worth much money, because only at this time is the probability of a sale high.

The fact is, you are almost always worthless (or close to worthless) to advertisers.

For instance, a local pool builder will almost never be willing to pay you much, if anything, to talk to him on the phone.

But there is one time when you are worth a lot: when you are really in the market for a pool. Then, at that rare time, a local pool builder may well be willing to pay you $100.00 to talk to him on the phone.

Commentators who have suggested that advertisers should pay people directly for attention to sales messages have missed the central fact that people are almost always worth near zero to advertisers. That's why the amount of money that can be spent per sales message delivered to an audience member is generally small (e.g., from .5 cent to 2.0 cents per viewer of a commercial)."
"I thought you might be interested in the following transcription of a transmission fragment received on Saturday from a source originating near Sardis, British Columbia..."
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Measuring the Moat: Assessing the Magnitude and Sustainability of Value Creation

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