Sunday, January 18, 2015

Here's another photographer's solution.  This is Anne Rowland's Pearblossom Highway, 2013.

Rowland:  "This piece is made from screenshots from Google Street View from the same intersection from which Hockney made his. The vantage point varies: this amalgam includes views made from one ‘place’, then several yards forward, and then several yards forward from THAT, etc. And from 40+ degrees to the left and right, etc. One of the really swell things about the Google Street View camera is that it is mounted quite high up above the Google car and so it can include a lot of surface information from the street and from the land."

So two geographically removed photographers have been tinkering with similar methods of photocollage for at least a couple of years!  Rowland's piece is equally faithful to the place I've visited over a dozen times now, and to Hockney's own work.  I especially like how she's integrated the Google overlays as a compositional element, a marker of the screen's surface, vis-a-vis the deep space of the camera's looking.

Rowland's entire site is worth browsing through; many of her other works are created with the same robotic camera mount I used several years ago to make War Game Tree.  Studying her exemplary work & the careful thought behind it makes me feel much less isolated.

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