Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Reading Chris Nealon's Heteronomy -- the first contemporary poetry to click with me since Parkway -- & here's his new chapbook The Virtuous Ones, free, a gift, & it seems that he loved Pete too:

Peter Culley I thought you should know —

The day after you died I took Parkway with me into the woods

     Or, well ... it was Rock Creek Park 

I fell asleep contentedly beneath a tree, around the halfway point —

I wasn’t dreaming quite — my sleep was not that deep — 

But in the quiet I could hear you approach

I heard you telling me that you’d liked reading backwards, as a child

I felt you were describing, in case I wanted to try it, how you’d
     learned to write those lines like brushed-up nap on a trampled
          carpet, fresh again —

     You know I’ll never have your mad skills

But I’m taking you with me into the woods

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