Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chris Ware, "All Together Now," 2014.  One of the very few images in my workspace (along with photographs by Jeff Wall, Sylvia Grace Borda, & Elizabeth Zvonar, a picture of a Giant Pacific Octopus clipped from a magazine, a Jack Shadbolt owl poster, a Fortune portrait of Warren Buffett, a reproduction of Matisse's "Bouquet of Flowers on a Veranada" and the beginnings of a Pearblossom collage).

Ware: "Sometimes, I’ve noticed with horror that the memories I have of things like my daughter’s birthday parties or the trips we’ve taken together are actually memories of the photographs I took, not of the events themselves, and together, the two somehow become ever more worn and overwrought, like lines gone over too many times in a drawing. The more we give over of ourselves to these devices, the less of our own minds it appears we exercise, and worse, perhaps even concomitantly, the more we coddle and covet the devices themselves."

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