Tuesday, April 28, 2015
"According to the liner notes to the On the Corner Sessions box (Columbia CK7 06239), the issued version 'was assembled from five different takes,' i.e. items 1-7. But careful listening to the issued version reveals many splices and crossfades, e.g. at 2:39, 5:14 (2:39-5:14 repeats 0:04-2:39); 6:20, 7:42, 10:47, 10:52, 12:43, 15:45, 20:08, 21:30 (21:30-21:33 repeats 21:27-21:30), 22:35 (22:36-25:01 repeats 20:09-22:35 but without the repeated bit at 21:30-21:33), 30:59, and 31:28 -- many more than are needed to assemble five takes into a single extended performance. So it seems that the fragments are an intermediate stage in the editing process. Maybe the five takes were recorded, then edited and processed, and then those fragments were re-assembled into the version of the tune released on LP."

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