Monday, February 23, 2015
How your pretentious local record store asshole got that way

"A man buys Yusef Lateef’s Eastern Sounds CD. The next day he brings it back complaining: 'There’s too many eastern sounds on it.'

Customer: 'Do you just buy the vinyl or the music?'

Clerk: 'No I’m sorry I can’t buy any of these (caked in mildew and ratshit) records.'
Customer: 'Well, how about you just give me $20 and throw them all away?'

(phone call)
Customer: 'Are you the manager?'
Clerk: 'Yes.'
Customer: 'OK. There’s a Beatles album… it’s really rare… it’s worth a whole lot of money…Do you know which one it is?'
Clerk: 'No.'
Customer: 'OK. How much would it be worth?'"

( via L., who understands)

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