Sunday, May 04, 2014

To a superb example of postmodern American-Australian art cinema, at Tinseltown.

Q:  Hey CJB, was that you crying?  In the theatre, behind those 3D glasses?

A:  Yeah, that was me.  But almost everybody else in theatre #12 was, too.

Snarky, but not totally wrong plot summary:

"The Special Prophesized RANDOLPH CARTER, I mean CHRIS PRATT, jumps off the IMPOSSIBLY TALL TOWER OF KADATH, um, OF WILL FERRELL, to stop NYARLATHOTEP I mean WILL from taking over his BEAUTIFUL HOME CITY; he falls into the ENDLESS VOID but WAKES from his dream-state to find himself in the REAL-WORLD-VERSION of his CITY, which was in the ACTUAL WORLD ALL ALONG, in BOSTON, I mean in--

H.P. LOVECRAFT (appearing as a zombie): PLAAAAAAAAAGARISM"

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