Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Rock Surface black boxes pinging louder.  Off to the Okanagan to triangulate.

(Entire road in question now on Street View.  Still: deliveries scheduled, so off I go.  Am I explaining how I cracked it?  No.)

"I happened to notice those rock formations from the car while we were going along that road. I thought they were interesting so went back and made a lot of snapshots with a 35mm camera. I did those very casually and when I saw them later liked quite a few of them.  But I liked two of them in particular -- the two I've printed of course.  I made a pair of small prints from the 35mm negatives and made an edition of them.  Then I went back to the same spot a few months later and photographed it again with a larger negative.  So there are in fact two versions of Rock Surface.  I feel that I respond to certain forms, certain configurations of things, and can't explain why, or at least, I have to leave it to the picture made from that response to somehow say why."

Q:  How would you respond to you?

A:  I'd be pleased that someone had made the effort of parsing my pictures.

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