Wednesday, April 16, 2014
CJB v. Commercial Gallery

To a show by a friend at Gallery X.  Close examination of pictures x 30 minutes prompts no response of any kind from the gallerist, the only other person in the big empty space.


GALLERIST:  So, do you have any questions?

CJB:  I don't think so.  I'm pretty familiar with [ARTIST FRIEND]'s work; I've exhibited him a few times.

GALLERIST:  Oh.  You're a friend.  [Turns, starts to walk away]

CJB [to GALLERIST's rapidly retreating back]:  Actually, I do have a question.  About a third of these images are [UNFAMILIAR PHOTO PROCESS] prints.  What's [UNFAMILIAR PHOTO PROCESS]?

GALLERIST:  It's a darkroom process.

CJB:  I get that.  I was just wondering, maybe you could tell me a little bit about it?  I'm totally unfamiliar with it.

GALLERIST:  It's a process that [ARTIST] uses in his darkroom to make the prints.

CJB:  Okay, that totally clears things up.

When Gallery X goes bust, as it inevitably will, my guess is that its owner will blame retail rents, or Vancouver's lack of aesthetic sophistication, etc. etc. etc., but not general stiff cluelessness.

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