Thursday, March 06, 2014

Uncaptioned. I'm pretty sure this is Flowering Plant, 2012, previously only in the public domain as a tiny test strip in the background of one of those White Cube videos, which I've wondered about for a while now.  Pipe Opening + the fluorescent, aggressively unnatural colors that only inkjet printing provides. (qv. some of Roy Arden's last pigment prints).  The other new pictures Monologue and Summer Afternoons don't work for me, at least not in reproduction, though I do like SA's slightly differently sized prints and Monologue's darkly looming trees.

(EDIT:  Monologue has possibilities.  The streetlight and the somberly clothed figures make me think of a stage set, maybe a contemporary one for a Beckett play with a back-projected photographic component, and also of Francois Roux's great actual streetlight + video projection installation a few years back at CSA Space).

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