Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Allen, again.  Story of my life:

"Socrates had no wish to be hated.  His service to the god caused him to be hated, and he perceived the fact with grief and pain.  But he still maintained the soldier's station in which the god had placed him.  Brought into court and compelled to abandon his customary form of inquiry by question and answer, he aimed at truth, so far as he could tell it, about his own character and the nature of his mission to Athens.  Because he was, after all, an ignorant man, and yet concerned to persuade his hearers of the truth so far as he could tell it, he used the rhetoric appropriate to a philosopher.  The result appeared as astonishing arrogance."

(R.E. Allen, "Comment on Apology," Dialogues, Vol. 1)

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