Monday, January 13, 2014

This guy walks the walk.  Only dined with him once so far, courtesy D. & E. A great experience.

"I once read that every time a chef picks up the phone to place an order, something somewhere dies. I have always felt that as a cook it is my responsibility to make sure that the animal is not only raised humanely, but that after its death we respect its sacrifice by using all parts of the animal. That is one reason that we butcher the animals here at the restaurant. It is also the reason we don't have a menu that is 'set' like so many other restaurants. As part of this philosophy of using the whole animal, we make a lot of different stocks. We believe that if we serve an animal that the sauce is made with its bones. [Above] is a picture of the rabbit carcasses in the stock pot. The addition of some water and a few hours of gentle simmering, we'll have an amazing base to use in all of our rabbit preparations."

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