Monday, January 27, 2014
"The true remake does not treat the past as a store of models to be followed but as a smoldering problem: the true remake is a haunted one."

(Sven Lutticken, "Planet of the Remakes."  Neatly connects the made-in-place & still-images-from-mobile-sequences-I-can't-bear-to-watch arms of my work.  Not sure about the thrust of SL's argument concluding with Stan Douglas; the recombinant machinery animating SD's recent film & video feels dead & overdetermined to me, in comparison with early works like Hors-champs, or the very odd photographs-in-various-styles of Midcentury Studio.  I'd prefer to consider my tutelary spirits as figures like John Carpenter, Robert Wise, Piranha's Joe Dante, Sturtevant, Phillips, Levine & etc. -- journeymen & women, not auteurs).

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