Sunday, January 05, 2014

Precinct Tree, 2014

For Mr. Jamie Tolagson, fellow Carpenterite, my friend: this plain vanilla cone.  The source's blue van parked right next to about a half block south of the little foreground tree, in a location displaced by the freeway that now splits the scene into two different places.  But an image of previously photographed or filmed reality needs to work as a depiction of present reality, too.  So, details: "Arms"; the diagonal spill of sunlight adjacent to the left hand tree; the stairs and protruding balcony; and most of all, the weird collaged slices of space above & around the garage in the middle distance. Those neighbor houses are all from Braqueland!  Also nb. how one digital seam rhymes with the downward plunge of the fence's right-hand post.  Right hand frame edge feels a bit unanchored, save the pavement paint splotch & distant inverted V of the red roof.  But it's what I got.

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