Friday, January 10, 2014

Flooring guys I've never seen before are spreading mastic over plywood in the apartment lobby.

GUY #1:  Please don't step in the glue.

GUY #2:  Where ya headed?

CJB [arms full of pizza boxes, junk mail & rinsed-out cat food tins]: The recycling.

GUY #1:  Well just inch along the wall there.  Pretend you're clinging to a cliff.

GUY #2 [Watches as CJB sneaky-petes along]: You're kinda good at that.  I mean, with all that crap and all.

CJB:  And my broken foot.

GUY #2:  Jesus dude.

CJB [lost in going-on-for-twenty-year-old memories]: Let's say I've had some practice.

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