Monday, September 30, 2013
Safety Alert from the Local Merchants' Association

A masterpiece of WTF.  Not "driving while black," but definitely close, laden with extraneous (but sharply-observed) detail:

"We had a man come in similar to the one who shoplifed from the hat store a month back.

He was wearing black baggy pants, a black sports jersey over his shirt.  He had gold square earrings, glasses and a red hat with a bull on it (not a redbull drink hat).  He had two small star tattoos on the corner of his eyes and writing under his eyes.

He sat [sic] some wine and a large gift bag with what my coworker believed to be 'Echo' branded items.  They didn't look like they should be in a bag like that.

He didn't take anything, just was acting a little odd."

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