Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Investigative journalism, that endangered breed, still showing up to work, still doing its job:

"In an interview earlier this year, Nicole Eason - the woman who disappeared with [the girl] - referred to private re-homing as 'non-legalized adoption.'

"The meaning of non-legalized is, 'Hey, can I have your baby?' Eason said.

She discussed why she was so motivated to be a mother. 'It makes me feel important,' she said. And she described her parenting style this way: 'Dude, just be a little mean, OK? … I'll threaten to throw a knife at your ass, I will. I'll chase you with a hose.

I won't leave burns on you. I won't leave marks on you. I'm not going to send you with bruises to school,' she said. 'Make sure you got three meals a day, make sure you have a place to live, OK? If you need medication for your psychological problems, I've got you there. You need therapy? You need a hug? You need a kiss? Somebody to tickle with you? I got you. OK? But this world is not meant to be perfect. And I just don't understand why people think it is.'"

(The spectres of Gillian Flynn, Denis Johnson, and David Simon, those angry social realists, hovering above this article's furious controlled tone in the best possible way) 

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