Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woodshedding #2, 2013

Difference from shared materials. Sharp-edged September Vancouver light.  Critics will probably only see mild pathological similarity, but there's also an echo here.

My judgment: #2 came faster than #1 and is better for any number of reasons mostly having to do with internal mirroring and repetition.  Eg., the red hydrant and the Ford's brake light; the diagonal arch formed by the bridge's streetlight and the streetlight on the corner; the vertical seam doubling the crane and the condo-construction photograph; and the sharp wheel and the fuzzed-out wheel, which I didn't touch or alter. The complicated cut-out shadow at lower left, and the zig-zaggy overlapped vehicles directly above it, which precisely rhyme with the lane and crosswalk lines beside them, are a great gift, one of those "abstract" intervals of reality I perceive more and more often now.  In passing: #1 was digitally framed and cropped after-the-fact, while #2 was screen-cropped, even to the point of moving between computers to play with different framing.

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