Friday, June 14, 2013
The great Patton Oswalt:

"Hecklers are not critics.  Critics have to submit their work to editors, have to sign their name to their opinions, often have to face those they criticize.  Sometimes, if they live long enough, they have to cringe when their opinions don’t stand the test of time better than the work they initially critiqued.  Even Roger Ebert admitted, in his superlative Great Movies essays, to being wrong in his initial assessment of some of the movies he was writing about.  Of not seeing the neo-Realist miracle of The Killer of Sheep because it didn’t have enough story for him.  And, ironically enough, not recognizing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as the masterpiece it was because it was too entertaining.  Is there anything more mature – more manly – that flat-out saying, 'Wow, I was wrong'?"

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