Thursday, June 27, 2013
A Younger Curator Writes

YC:  Hey CJB, want to write on a group show at INSTITUTION X?  My friend, SLIGHTLY OLDER ARTIST-CURATOR, says you're a great art writer.  We want to pitch a review to ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SMALL CIRCULATION CANADIAN ART MAGAZINE.  Oh, by the way, I'm totally unfamiliar with your writing.  Could you please submit a biography and some published samples?

Dear YC,

I wrote prolifically at one point, but no longer.  Maybe a better way to phrase it is that I only write now "as an artist," usually in connection with my somewhat esoteric interests (landscape photography; appropriation; "repetition"; the so-called Vancouver School and its descendants).

Thanks for thinking of me, but I'd prefer to sit this one out. 



ps/  As to your request for a "biography" and "published clips," here, LMGTFY.

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