Thursday, May 23, 2013
New WG, The Peripheral.  That careful observing tone I remember.

"She called his name. 'Easy Ice,' he answered, her gamer tag, bumping the door open with the flat of his hand, pulling a new white T-shirt down with the other hand across that chest the Corps had given him, covering the mark above his navel, size and shape of a playing card. Inside, the trailer was the color of Vaseline, LEDs buried in it, bedded in Walmart amber. She had helped him sweep it out before he moved in. He hadn’t bothered to bring the shop vac down from the garage, just bombed the inside a good inch thick, some Chinese polymer, glassy and flexible. Now you could see stubs of burnt matches in it, or the cork-patterned paper on the squashed filter of a legally sold cigarette, older than she was. She knew where there was a rusty jeweler’s screwdriver and somewhere else a 2020 quarter. The polymer had taken care of the smell, now he just had to get his stuff out before he hosed the inside every week or two, like washing Tupperware. Leon said the polymer was curatorial. You could peel it all out before you put your American classic up on eBay, let it take the dirt with it."

Publication scheduled for 2014; can't wait!

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